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Help (Was: Bug#167585: med-dent: dependency nonsense woth database)

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On 4 Nov 2002, Thilo Pfennig wrote on Debian-Med list:

> I have another idea which would lead to a wider (debian)solution:
> Shouldn't it be possible to integrate the installed packages on another
> debian system as a kind of dependency? A cross-network dependency? This
> surely is a thought for another debian discussion list. But I think
> those problems will increase in the future. People may have 3 or 4
> different debian servers (or even some other distribution). If Debian
> had a solution here, it could make a point.
In my opinion this idea makes sense in general but with the current
tools there is no chance to realize this in a short time-scale.

Thus I would like to hear the opinion of other developers how to cope
with the following situation:

Package A contains a client software or just depends from a browser
or something similiar.  It depends from a server which is provided by
package B.  I want to make sure that this server is accessible and
running to ensure that package A works.

Any ideas


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