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compare knoppix setup to what we ship

As a delayed tail-end to that monster thread, "make debian beter",
I thought I'd mention knoppix.
It's another user-friendly linux wrapper, on top of Debian.
And as featured on slashdot, it can run **directly from CDROM**.

Sorry if it was mentioned already... that was a killer thread, and I'm sure
I missed some of the emails :-)

But it is good enough that I think it should be mentioned again anyway
(particularly so people who killed that thread, might take a look at it ;-)

Really  nice auto-detect-everything setup.
It set up ethernet, X, USB, power management on my laptop... everything I
can think of.
No prompts for "do you really want this", or "how do I do that"...
It Just Works.

And the desktop and menus are really nice.

The ONLY thing it blew it on, was setting up dhcp by hand.
Presumably since it somehow picked up my wireless NIC on my laptop
as eth0.
But as soon as I ran "pump -i eth1" it sorted itself out nicely.

I thoroughly recommend that anyone who has free bandwidth and a CD burner,
check out the image. You can grab it at


PS: it starts you logged in as a "regular" user, but you can use
'sudo' to get a root prompt, without password.

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