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Re: Replacing libssl-dev with libgnutls-dev. Bug#167420: cupsys-pt

On Sat, Nov 02, 2002 at 09:29:55PM +1100, Andrew Lau wrote:
> 	Could anyone please provide me with a HOWTO on replacing
> OpenSSL with GnuTLS? The latter isn't a drop-in replacement for the
> former, is it?

GNU TLS itself isn't, but it provides an OpenSSL compatibility layer,
which works for several packages in Debian, but doesn't yet support all
OpenSSL features.

> 	I don't know where to start in regards to this one. I've
> disabled OpenSSL support in cupsys-pt as upstream, Siegfried Kuhlmann,
> hasn't included an OpenSSL exclusion clause in his license and I
> haven't been able to establish contact with him at all . So should I
> bother trying to close this wishlist properly or should I just hold
> out until upstream contacts me (if ever) since this fix isn't trivial?

Joey Hess did some OpenSSL to GNU-TLS-OpenSSL-compat-lib porting, as I
understand it.  Perhaps if you ask him really nicely, he'll write such a

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