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Re: Klez.H worm preserved in Debian BTS

Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:

> Chris Lawrence wrote:
> > spamassassin is nice, but it doesn't scan for viruses (at least, not
> > directly, although some have giveaway subjects).  Plus, the common
> > virii often masquerade email addresses, so messages should be scanned
> > regardless of who allegedly sent them.
> I don't see the need to "scan for virii".

The plural of "virus" is not "virii", in any language.

The Latin word "virus" is a second declension neuter, with the stem
"vir"; the plural would be "vira" (though since it's a mass noun, and
an uncommon one at that, it was rarely if ever used in the plural).

The English word "virus" acquired a count noun meaning in biology
(from which the computer usage came), and the plural is "viruses".


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