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Re: [Internal Projects] Package browser (Was: Debian Color Themes, ...)

Il 31/10/2002 alle 10:57:58, -0200, Gustavo Noronha Silva ha scritto:
> Em Wed, 30 Oct 2002 23:43:47 -0400, marco trevisani <marco@centrotemporeale.it>
> escreveu:

> I think Synaptic's filter model is quite complex, though... I like the
> new Gtk GUI, but I still think there're lots of room for improvement
> in usability...

I don't know of any program that does not have "lots of room for 
improvements in usability"...:-) it wold be important for further 
development of the program to know the improvements you refer to.

I used gnome-apt for a while, then aptitude (still using it from time to 
time), then synaptic.

What i dont like of gnome-apt (same reason as for another thread Ximian
setup vs. Webmin), is the unecessary loads of libs and
gnome-related-libs IF (note the "if") the user is not using gnome for

the fact the filters might be not so direct for a non experienced user -
apart for the fact that i feel they are quite easy to use-, it is
actually almost irrilevant on the end-user point of view. What is great
about those filters is that I can prepare a debian package, as i'm
doing for demudi, with an already  customised filter menu, and starting 
directly with a filter i build. That will make life much easier for the 
final user.

This is my impression, i might be wrong.


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