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Re: How to write Build-Depends

Colin Watson <cjwatson@debian.org> writes:

> Virtual packages are defined by the Provides: fields in package control
> files. The virtual-package-names-list.txt file in policy is simply a
> list of some of the more common ones.

     This explanation is based on Section 7.4 of Debian Policy.
However, Section 2.3.5 says:

     All packages should use virtual package names where appropriate, and
     arrange to create new ones if necessary.  They should not use virtual
     package names (except privately, amongst a cooperating group of
     packages) unless they have been agreed upon and appear in the list of
     virtual package names. 

     This appears to be a conflict within policy.  Should a bug be
filed against the debian-policy package to clarify this?


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