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Notes on the new libpng3.


There are two things I would like to say:

upstream decided that libpng.so.3 is going to be called 
libpng12.so.0, so I have reflected that.
I am keeping compatibility symlinks for libpng.so.3, so
things should continue to work.
If it doesn't, please tell me.

Also, upstream decided that libpng is not long to link with
libz and libm itself, and applications are going to need to 
link with "-lpng -lz -lm" themselves.[1]
That sounds wrong, and I patched it for now.[2]

I am discussing about it with upstream but the upstream considers
that to be a wrong way to link libpng.
(of course, a makefile which says "-lpng" only will only work
with systems with shared libraries with interdependency
information, and when linking against shared libraries.

[1] Out of approx 500 packages I built last night, about 10 broke
due to missing -lz.  :(
[2] and yes, I noticed that the new upload wasn't quite good enough either


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