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Re: [Desktop] What accounts on a machine?

#include <hallo.h>
* Alan Chandler [Sat, Oct 26 2002, 02:36:55PM]:

> - From a technicians point of view you are exactly correct - but the question I 
> am asking (and if we want to create desktops for the masses we must at least 
> ask the question) does it have to be.  Isn't something like administrator a 
> much more logical name for someone not in the know.

Hell, why are you keen on breaking so many technical details? IMHO it is
easy: Make the Login managers (kdm, gdm) show a list of users (like KDM
does not), but not with login names only, but in "Fullname (account)"
form. So a user sees "My Name (mynick)" or "System Administrator(root)"
and IMHO should get an idea what the accounts are for, even an idiotic

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