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[desktop] nautilus patched, screenshot, and splash screens/backgrounds

Hey desktop people,

So, I just finished the requisite patches to nautilus[1] to have it
include the .desktop files in /usr/share/desktop-base by default. 
Currently there are only two .desktop files, and suggestions for more
are appreciated.

Here's a screenshot (the one inside the xnest):

Some stuff still TODO in this department is
1) Come up with a good background.  I have decided actually that the
ones included right now in desktop-base are a bit too heavyweight; we'd
have the swirl icon three times on the desktop already, and that seems a
bit too much (as much as I love it! :) ).

2) Come up with a good splash screen.  For this one, I like:
a lot, but I'd prefer it if the image didn't include "Linux - Gnome", so
that way it would be suitable both for the KDE Desktop and of course our
non-Linux ports.

Actually also in this department: we need a good logo for Debian
Desktop.  So if you have art skills and want to help, we need you!


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