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Re: why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 10:12:59PM -0400, Luke Seubert wrote:
> On 10/24/2002 7:20 PM, Nick Leverton at nick@leverton.org wrote:
> > Why just make one decision when you can make two, though ?  And
> > isn't it All About Choice[tm] anyway ? ;-)
> > 
> Yeah, except that too much choice is rough too.  Does anyone here believe
> that Debian's current menu structure, deeply nested with beaucoup items
> because it seeks to make available ALL apps is simple, elegant, and easy to
> use for Linux newbies?

Well, and hiding this in the gnome menu only adds a level of nesting.

My personal opinion on this would be to have an additional toplevel menu
in the top menubar, besides the application and actions one (maybe
between tham) which will give access to the debian menu directly. This
way, you would have access to the desktop specific things under
applications, and to the whole debian stuff in the debian menu. It would
be ok with me if i could configure this myself, or if it could be done
as a response to a debconf question when installing gnome or something
such, but then, i have found (under either gnome 1 or gnome 2) no way to
modify the menu bar of the top of the screen.

Also, adding such a menu to the normal toolbar is rather painfull, it
would be nice to have an Add-to-panel->Debian-panel item beside the
Add-to-panel->Gnome-panel one.

That said, i guess this is against the wish of the upstream gnome team,
so politics again, and their stupid opinion that they know best what
should go on _my_ desktop than me, or rather that they only target 'real
users' for gnome 2, 'real users' which would be confused by anything out
of the ordinary or not ressembling windows/macos in simplicity and
unconfigurability. Ok, let's stop ranting, you all know that, and it is
to late anyway to change this.


Svne Luther

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