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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

>>"Luke" == Luke Seubert <ls.maillist@verizon.net> writes:

 Luke> Come on people, there are at least a dozen "video" players
 Luke> available under Linux.  We all know that some of them really
 Luke> suck, with unresponsive or AWOL upstreams, and poor technical
 Luke> quality, or poor user interfaces.  Surely we can cull out the
 Luke> obvious losers easily, argue reasonably over the good
 Luke> candidates, and then present the winner(s) in the menu
 Luke> hierarchy.  Should not Linux, and especially Debian, put
 Luke> forward only the best and most worthy software for desktop use?

	I don't know. Depends on who is making the decision. From what
 I have heard on this thread, the best, most powerful, and functional
 window managers out there have not even been considered (sawfish and

	If you meant the limited audience Debian desktop is
 targeting, then I withdraw my comment.

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