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Re: [desktop] first Debian Desktop Package uploaded

On 24 Oct 2002, Colin Walters wrote:

> I am interested.  Could you file a bug against the desktop-base package
> later today or tomorrow so I don't forget?
Hmmm this might be a little bit soon in terms of what I plan to provide ...
> One thing I am interested in is using them as a backdrop for a Debian
> splash screen.  That would be a great candidate for desktop-base.
I would like to help here but there is only a glimpse of what I planed
to provide for good quality images at


These are the images my son and me worked on for ideal screen size ratio,
good image quality regarding histogram normalisation and with removed

The two scripts give an idea what I wanted to provide to get correctly
scaled images for reasonable screen sizes.

  1. Grab the original images and crop them to apropriate size ratio
     (width : height = 4 : 3).  I use my own written programm paul for
     this purpose.  My local copy contains a view to the size ratio
     in the cutting window.  I could make it official if someone has
  2. Possibly remove dust and get a good normalized histogram using
  3. Scale it to 1600:1200 resolution.

This takes about 10 to 30 minutes for each image (depending from the
dust which needs to be removed).  Unfortunately I have currently nearly
no time and my son is not as fast as me and currently does some other

If there is a volunteer I could send a set of originals.  I'm not really
sure if I would like to make the original high quality images DFSG free
because I was told that there is much missuse of high resolution images and
thus I do not want to make my whole archive available via web.

For sure the 1600:1200 images will be DFSG free under Open Documentation

Kind regards


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