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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/23/2002 10:15 AM, Michael Banck at mbanck@gmx.net wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 23, 2002 at 09:16:52AM -0400, Luke Seubert wrote:
>> Ach.  This gets into one of the great conundrums that will face Debian
>> Desktop - simplicity versus flexibility/configurability/power.  It is very
>> hard to have both at the same time in many instances.
> As long as it is configurable.
It should be configurable.  It is hard to take that away from Gnome, KDE,
Enlightenment, etc.  But I think in the end, a lot of those configuration
choices and options will be established by Debian Desktop in a default
package for the sake of simplicity for newbies.  Strictly optional during
the install process.  No need to force Debian Desktop down the throat of
server admins.
> Doesn't Lindows relabel menu-entries in order to simplify things?
> Perhaps we can adopt their system? I didn't have a look at it though.

I don't know what Lindows does.  And not meaning any disrespect towards you
at all Michael, but plenty of disrespect towards Lindows, I don't care to
find out what Lindows does with their menu-entries.

Lindows engages is what I regard as shady business practices with excessive
hype; and they also skirt the edge of the law, and might be in violation of
the GPL.

They just might have good menu-entry software or UI design, but what is the
chance it is GPL'd?

Meanwhile, I do like your idea of examining other distros to see how they
resolve some of these thorny user interface problems - maybe in good ways,
maybe in not so good ways. Happily, there are other Linux distros which can
be looked at that are much more free as in freedom that Lindows.

Luke Seubert

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