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Re: [desktop] why kde and gnome's menu situation sucks

On 10/23/2002 10:14 AM, Tomohiro KUBOTA at tkubota@riken.go.jp wrote:

> gnome-terminal is one of regrettable examples.  Until several months
> ago, (gnome1-based) gnome-terminal supported east Asian multibyte
> encodings and LC_CTYPE sensibility, which was developed by RedHat.
> However, gnome2-based gnome-terminal fails to do this.  Though this
> is known bug, it is not yet fixed.
That is regrettable.  And surprising, given the work that Gnome has put into
accessibility, one would think internationalization would have been a
priority as well.

>> Meanwhile, mlterm seems a good choice for a universal Desktop Debian
>> terminal program unless other considerations suggest otherwise.
> Thanks very much!
Well, making mlterm the default choice isn't my decision to make, but I will
advocate it based upon your request, for what that is worth.  I think many
of these decisions will likely be made by rough consensus, as per the usual
free software decision paradigm.

Luke Seubert

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