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installation of woody (base system) needs package from potato

Hello folks,

I've my own debian mirror (only i386; updated daily) and
yesterday, I've started my first complete installation
(woody) from that mirror.

I'm really impressed about the pool structure (2 years
ago, it doesn't exist ;) because of mirroring pool for
i386 means that all packages for woody, sarge and sid
are available and dist/(woody,sarge,sid) directories are
kept small. That's what I've thought so far.

During installation of woody from my mirror, one package
seems to be missing: libident_0.22-2.deb. I've looked in
the logfile which said:
no such file or directory ...

OK, no problem, I've put the missing file into the expected
directory and *PONG* installation went through successfully.

My question: why is woody still pointing into potato. I
don't think that this is a good solution (at least in my
case ;). Isn't libident from potato based on an older glibc?
Perhaps, on the other hand, it's intended.

That's it ... grettings from Germany


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