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Re: "removed" archive & snapshot.debian.net

On Mon, Oct 21, 2002 at 11:20:22AM -0500, Drew Scott Daniels wrote:
> > Have you actually looked up how snapshot.debian.net works ?
> Yes, it works by date, not by list of files not currently in the archive.

I was under the impression you could get any package not currently in the archive
except those removed for legal reasons via snapshot.debian.org without use of the
date syntax.  

>From http://snapshot.debian.net/
apt-get specific package(s)

 deb http://snapshot.debian.net/archive pool package ...
 deb-src http://snapshot.debian.net/archive pool package ...

where package is source package name as debian/pool directories.

Since this dists has "Archive: pool" in Release file, so I recommend to put the following in /etc/apt/preferences to keep this line out from apt-get upgrade:

 Package: *
 Pin: release a=pool
 Pin-Priority: 98

Perhaps I have misread either the documentation or your email.


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