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For the record: The recent nigerian scam having a similar subject had
a score of 4.2 according to the installed version of SA in lists.debian.org.

If we only reduced the threshold to 4.5 and moderated everything between
4.0 and 4.5, we would have MUCH less spam.

Moderating such posts should be quite easy. The amount of "legitimate"
email I receive from debian lists having a SA score over 4.0 is less
than 1%, but the probability of such an email being spam is of course
much higher than that.

If, additionally, the moderator uses other spam filters not yet
installed in murphy (like razor v2), the task of moderating those
doubtful emails should be almost trivial.

Before you ask: yes, I would *gladly* volunteer to moderate some lists
in this way (probably all the spanish-speaking ones I'm subscribed to).
If I have to "receive" spam messages anyway, it is by far much better to
receive them as a list moderator than to receive them from the list.


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