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Re: pthread man pages?

"Brooks R. Robinson" <brooks.robinson@rides.com> writes:

> | 
> | how come there are no man pages for pthread_* functions installed with
> | glibc?
> apt-get install glibc-doc
> http://localhost/doc/glibc-doc/html/chapters_34.html#SEC670
> HTH,
> Brooks

And start browser every time I want to quickly check the syntax (although
it would be

man pthread_create would be much quicker.

The best I could do now is

info libc 'Function Index' and then 'm pthread_create'

Is there any better way?

Thanks and bye, Dragan

Dragan Cvetkovic, 

To be or not to be is true. G. Boole      No it isn't.  L. E. J. Brouwer

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