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Re: General Resolution draft against spam.

On Wednesday 16 October 2002 09:59, Santiago Vila wrote:
> Draft. Comments welcome. Please Cc the list, not me.
> ===========================================================================
>= Those who have in Debian the power to do so, will implement the following:
> To avoid spammers harvesting addresses from the list archives:
> - The public web archives of the different debian mailing lists, past,
> present and future, will be processed so that it becomes impossible
> for an ordinary user not having special privileges to mail someone who
> posted something to any debian list.
> The natural way of obtaining this privilege will be to subscribe to those
> lists and receive messages from subscribers, but the debian project may
> implement other alternative methods to gain this privilege.
> We will encourage other debian list archives to mirror us, and forbid
> debian archives which do not hide addresses.

I have gone back and asked a poster questions and people have tracked me down 
from my answers.  Removing this from the lists would diminish their value, 
especially debian-user and debian-mentor.

> To avoid list posts to disseminate more than required:
> - There will be no mail to news gateway having email addresses in clear.
> Any such existing gateway will be forbidden by list policy, which
> subscribers should accept if they subscribe. If this is not doable,
> everything will be unsubscribed and everybody should write "yes, I
> accept" before subscribing again.

see my comment above.  Of list mailing should be possible.

> To avoid spam in debian lists:
> - Being able to post is a privilege, not a right. The natural way of
> obtaining this privilege, for so called "open" lists, is by subscribing
> to them and using the same address in the From: field, or by using
> an email addresses which has been previously subscribed to a special
> white list.
> No other mail will reach the lists until it's approved by a moderator
> If there are no moderators for a given list, these mails will go to
> /dev/null (so to speak).

I like the open lists we have and with spamassassin or some other solution 
properly tweaked we should be able to leave the lists open.

We all hate the extra garbage but removing the usefulness of Debian's 
communications to fight spam is also wrong.  Let's not fight disease by 
killing the patient.

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