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Re: SpamAssassin now used to filter BTS Mail

Graham Wilson wrote:
> Santiago Vila wrote:
> > The default threshold is 5. Most of the few legitimate emails I see
> > over 4 contain HTML stuff. If we reduce the threshold to 4, for
> > example, the user will still be able to disable HTML in his email
> > client and resubmit if he/she sees the post does not reach the list.
> what is if the user is emailing debian-user asking how to turn off
> html-mail in his mail client?

Such question would be slightly off-topic (but perhaps not completely)
for debian-user (notice the "debian" and the "user" in "debian-user" :-)

Anyway, spamassassin score for CTYPE_JUST_HTML is 3.154. You would still need
0.846 additional points of "spamicity" to reach 4.

On the other side, if a user is stupid enough to not know how to
disable html email in his/her email client, well, why does he/she
wants to use Debian at all?

IMHO, it is far more important that we avoid spam in debian lists, than we
teach people how to disable html email in their Windows email clients.

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