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Re: SpamAssassin now used to filter BTS Mail

Adam Heath <doogie@debian.org> wrote:
> Earlier today I enabled SpamAssassin filtering for all mail sent to the BTS.
> Procmail and SpamAssassin have recently been installed into owner@bugs mail,
> were we have monitored their progress and hit rate.

Great. - Thanks.

> Also, Colin Watson has made a script to make it easy for us to edit .log
> files(the file that stores the mails sent to a bug).  If some bug has spam
> already inside it, then please send a mail to owner@bugs, asking for it to be
> fixed.

Just to sure I understand correctly, if I find spam on
http://bugs.debian.org/0815 I send a mail to owner@bugs.debian.org and
it'll be removed?
          cu andreas

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