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Re: Intent to hijack gnuchess

On 12 Oct 2002, Lukas Geyer wrote:

> some copyright/license issues around gnuchess-book [3], suddenly
> Martin uploaded a new package of gnuchess, reverting some changes of
> Andreas Tille (like the very basic manpage). Asked why he did not
> answer any emails before that,
He wrote me in private mail that it was not his intention to revert my
fixes.  He just overlooked some changes.

> he just said that he was very busy and
> would eventually read all emails. He also wrote to me
>   Thank you for your work on gnuchess. I will look over your patches
>   with interest next time I update gnuchess. If you ever do become a
>   Debian developer, then I would consider handing the package over to
>   you.
I see no reason why he should not sponsor your carefully packages.

> However, as of yet he did not comment of my proposal to package
> gnuchess-book (I ITPd and uploaded it myself now), he did not fix or
> even comment on long-outstanding bugs, some of them with patches (I
> just NMUd gnuchess to fix the most annoying ones) and he did not
> respond to my email asking to maintain gnuchess when I was finally
> accepted as a Debian developer. I do not want to wait till hell
> freezes over, so I would like to take over gnuchess. Now please go
> ahead and flame me. :)
No flames from my side.  If you ask me go for it.

Kind regards


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