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Re: Bug#164057: ITP: gkrellongrun2 - LongRun plug-in for GKrellM2

/* In mail "Re: Bug#164057: ITP: gkrellongrun2 - LongRun plug-in for GKrellM2"
   marillat.christian@wanadoo.fr wrote... */

> > > * Package name     : gkrellongrun2
> > :
> > It is possible to follow the convention name for gkrellm plugin ?

> > gkrellm2-<plugin-name> for gkrellm version 2.x
> > gkrellm-<plugin-name> for gkrellm version 1.x

> > I thought it is convenient.  But, the name of gkrellmms for
> > gkrellm2 is "gkrellmms2".  So, I named this "gkrellongrun2".

> > I think we should integrate package naming policy of gkrellm
> > plugins.  Because it is easy name to find for users.

> > Any comments?

> But 'dpkg -l gkrellm' will not return this package name.

Did you say 'dpkg -l gkrellm*'?
Certainly, gkrelllongrun is not shown by command above.

(Another packages like this: gkrellweather, gkrelldnet, gkrelldnet2,

The other gkrellm2 plugin package is like 'gkrellm-<pluginname>2'.

Anyway, I agree with your opinion.  We should integrate naming
policy. My package will be called 'gkrellm2-longrun'.

Taku YASUI <tach@debian.or.jp>, <tach@debian.org>

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