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Re: trying to compile glade-2 from source on a woody system....fails..

You need to have gnome-common installed.

* Walter Tautz (wtautz@math.uwaterloo.ca) wrote:
> after getting some of the dependencies....build-dep would do something
> scary:
> kodaira:~/T# apt-get -t unstable build-dep glade-2
> Reading Package Lists... Done
> Building Dependency Tree... Done
> The following packages will be REMOVED:
>   python-bobo python-bobopos python-kjbuckets python-newt
> <snip>
> 54 packages upgraded, 88 newly installed, 4 to remove and 374  not upgraded.
> Need to get 25.5MB/37.7MB of archives. After unpacking 70.8MB will be used.
> So INSTEAD, I just got the source and hand installed some dependencies that
> could be obtained from woody....
> mkdir /root/glade-2-1.1.2/debian/tmp-gnome/usr/share/pixmaps/glade-2
> /usr/bin/install -c -m 644 ./glade/graphics/glade_logo.png
> /root/glade-2-1.1.2/debian/tmp-gnome/usr/share/pixmaps/glade-2
> make[4]: Leaving directory `/root/glade-2-1.1.2'
> make[3]: Leaving directory `/root/glade-2-1.1.2'
> make[2]: Leaving directory `/root/glade-2-1.1.2'
> chmod a+x debian/tmp-gnome/usr/share/glade-2/gtk/autogen.sh
> cat debian/glade-gnome-2.links.doc > debian/glade-gnome-2.links
> cd /usr/share/aclocal/gnome2-macros && ls *.m4 | xargs -i echo \
>   /usr/share/aclocal/gnome2-macros/{} /usr/share/glade-2/gnome/{} \
>     >> /root/glade-2-1.1.2/debian/glade-gnome-2.links
> 	/bin/sh: cd: /usr/share/aclocal/gnome2-macros: No such file or directory

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