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pci and isa drivers

I want to get a list of which kernel modules have been loaded for the present 
isa and pci devices. Unfortunaltely, libpci.a/pci.h provide all sorts of info 
about pci devices, but not the loaded kernel module for the devices. 

As a last resort one could simply parse /proc/bus/pci/devices where the 
kernel modules are listed at the end of each line. But this would only tell 
me the kernel modules for pci devices.

To find out modules loaded for isa devices one could parse /proc/modules, 
look for the isa-pnp module and see by what other modules it is used. On my 
desktop isa-pnp is used by ne, the driver for a NE2000 ISA card. (Don't know 
if this would always work)

But I really want to get away from parsing files in /proc and use some hw 

Are there any alternatives?


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