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why perl 5.8 won't be in testing for a while

This is a probably incomplete list of things that are contributing to
keeping perl 5.8 out of testing. Probably incomplete because I didn't
look at RC bugs of all packages that need to go into testing at the same
time as perl 5.8, and I probably missed some stuff in the tedium of
researching this list.

abiword			FTBFS #161149
libconvert-uulib-perl	s390 not keeping up
amavis			arm not keeping up; s390 build failed as
			libconvert-uulib-perl was uninistallable there
axkit			ia64 is not keeping up
courier			FTBFS #162324
dchub			still depends on libperl5.6, FTBFS #159121
frozen-bubble		out of date on mipsel, arm, hppa. Retry?
gimp1.2-perl		out of date on hppa, ia64, mipsel
gnome-db		out of date on alpha, mipsel
inn			still needs update for perl 5.8 FTBFS #158462
inn2			still needs update for perl 5.8 
libberkeleydb-perl	VERY old FTBFS #104885
libcdk-perl		hppa FTBFS; no bug filed
libcflow-perl		out of date on m68k
libcurses-perl		FTBFS #160527 (easy)
libdbd-odbc-perl	out of date on ia64
libdbd-pg-perl		out of date on alpha as dependency failed to
			install; try rebuild?
libdbd-sybase-perl	out of date on arm, m68k, mipsel, s390
			due to missing source dep. Retry builds?
libdigest-md4-perl	FTBFS on mipsel,  no bug filed
libgd-noxpm-perl	still needs rebuild for perl 5.8
libgd-perl		still needs rebuild for perl 5.8
libgtk-perl		out of date on hppa, ia64 until libxml-parser-perl
			gets fixed
libjcode-pm-perl	out of date on alpha, ia64
lockdev			out of date on mipsel, very weird debhelper
			failure; retry build.
libnet-ssleay-perl	FTBFS #160538 (easy)
postgresql		out of date on most architectures due to python error
			(also has a number of grave bugs..)
sdlperl			FTBFS #159921 (easy)
net-snmp		FTBFS #157117
libming			FTBFS #160531, #159388, #160440
libxml-parser-perl	FTBFS on ia64 due to unmet build dep. Retry.
vim			outdated on arm, mipsel, powerpc, sparc
xchat			FTBFS on mips due to source package corruption

see shy jo

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