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Re: [PHP] Standard placement of PHP libraries?

On 03/09/2002 Matthew Palmer wrote:
> We'll wait and see what the PHP mini-policy comes out with before we go
> shifting ourselves all over the place, but I think this much is BCP:
> 1) All PHP code intended to be used by other programs (outside the original
> package) should go into /usr/share/php directly;
> 2) No /usr/share/php/<packagename> will be used;
> 3) Naming conflicts (and there will be some, I'm sure) will be sorted out
> by dpkg and pistols at 30 paces.  <grin>

Why? /usr/share/php/<packagename> would solve the problem in 3), and you
could easily include with 'include "<packagename>/file.inc"'. What is
the reason to through this idea away?


Wir nehmen Abschied in Liebe und in Dankbarkeit.
    In stiller Trauer beim letzten Geleit. 
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    Oder ist das alles vergeben, vergessen und vorbei?

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