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Debian "removed" archive( [ alexandria-Support Requests-613931 ] Project registration rejection: debianremoved)

	Well, I tried creating a "removed" archive using sourceforge and
they don't like "content" based projects. Does anyone have any suggestions
as to where I can host this "content" part of my project?

     Drew Daniels

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Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 22:49:43 -0700
From: noreply@sourceforge.net
To: noreply@sourceforge.net
Subject: [ alexandria-Support Requests-613931 ] Project registration
    rejection: debianremoved

Support Requests item #613931, was opened at 2002-09-24 10:08
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Category: Project Registration Issue
Group: Second Level Support
>Status: Pending
Priority: 4
Submitted By: Drew Scott Daniels (ddaniels)
Assigned to: Patrick McGovern (pat)
Summary: Project registration rejection: debianremoved

Initial Comment:
Project Full Name:  Debian "removed"
Project Unix Name:  debianremoved

I do not know why this project was rejected. Did I
forget to fill in a form?

I would like to create a Debian archive of removed
packages (I'm told this would have few packages). I
would like to see this archive included in the regular
Debian archives (this will require a demonstration and
likely a vote). In order to get this Debian package
archive included in the regular Debian archives a
proposal is needed and I felt this would fall under the
scope of the project.

Code may be needed to help automate importing of
packages from the Debian archives. This seems like an
appropriate place to develop this code as well.

A further suggestion had been made that a script be
created to say why packages were removed from
Debian. I felt this project would also be the
appropriate place for this.


>Comment By: Patrick McGovern (pat)
Date: 2002-09-29 22:49

Logged In: YES

Hi Drew,

SF.NET's mission is the development of Open Source
Applications.   From reading your description it appears
that you will be developing some applications but the main
focus is a 'content' repository of removed debian packages.

Historically SourceForge.net does not provide hosting for
'content' based projects.

This, I believe, is why the project was rejected during the
first pass.

If you feel this project is not a 'content' based project,
please explain in some more detail the application(s) you
will be developing in thie project.

I'm closing the ticket now, but feel free to open it up
again to add additional information.



Comment By: Jacob Moorman (moorman)
Date: 2002-09-25 08:58

Logged In: YES

pat: Please review.


Comment By: David Burley (burley)
Date: 2002-09-24 10:19

Logged In: YES


Thank you for taking the time to report this issue.  The
SourceForge.net team takes all reported issues seriously and will
provide the fastest and most complete response to your issue that
we may.

As new support requests arrive, a member of the SourceForge.net
team performs triage (a process in which things are ranked in
terms of importance or priority) on these requests; changing the
priority, description, and assignment; as to ensure that an issue
will be handled by the right member of the SourceForge.net team,
with an appropriate level of priority.

Within this project (alexandria), we use the Priority field on
Support Requests solely for sorting purposes.  Changing the
priority or assignment on this support request will only delay
the processing of this issue.

ABOUT YOUR ISSUE: This support request appears to have been
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as with all other issues of this nature, we have flagged this
request as Priority 4, for sorting purposes.  This support
request will be reviewed by a member of the SourceForge.net
support team.

If we require additional information when this issue is reviewed
by SourceForge.net staff, we will add a comment to this support
request (which will generate an e-mail to you asking for the
information we require).  If there is some reason why
SourceForge.net is unable to host your project, we will provide
specific details at that time.

If you reported that you are not sure why your original project
registration was rejected, we will add a comment to this support
request detailing that information when your support request is
reviewed by SourceForge.net staff.  This detail will likely
consist of questions from the SourceForge.net staff about your
project; pending response to any questions we send to you, your
project registration will be reconsidered.

questions or concerns regarding the status of this issue, simply
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