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smalleiffel to smarteiffel upgrade plan

The Eiffel programming language smalleiffel has been renamed upstream to
smarteiffel.  Thankfully, they have also abandoned the insane version
numbering of smalleiffel!

In order to give users of the smalleiffel package a seamless upgrade, I
plan to make the next smalleiffel version a dummy package that depends
on smarteiffel. Smarteiffel will conflict with any earlier version of
smalleiffel.  After sarge is released, the next unstable release of
smarteiffel will conflict with all smalleiffel versions and smalleiffel
will be removed from the unstable distribution.

Can anyone see any problems with this plan?

Oliver Elphick                                Oliver.Elphick@lfix.co.uk
Isle of Wight, UK                            
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      eternal life."          I Timothy 6:17-19 

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