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Re: Packaging Problem (Is preinst really pre?)


> | Why are you splitting up the package if they cannot be installed
> | separately? Such splits only make sense if the amount of data the
> | package needs warrants a separate arch-all package.

> I'm not explicitly splitting a package up. I'm trying to automate
> configuration of a number of packages through the use of a package of my
> own design. I don't have any control over the other packages, as they
> are largely from Debian or other third party packagers.

I see. What do you think about simply submitting patches against the
other packages?

> apt-utils is installed at this time, so this means that all configs will
> get run at the same time? In this case, is there any other option to get
> a script in my package to run prior to the config scripts in the other
> packages, short of modifying the other packages to Pre-Depends on mine?
> (not a great solution, since that would mean having to tinker with other
> packages)

Well, the IMO best solution would be to talk with the other maintainers
about using shared templates for the common options. That way, only the
necessary questions are asked, they are asked only once (when needed for
the first time), there is no additional package and no dependency


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