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On Thu, Sep 19, 2002 at 01:55:40AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> Anyway, I've been thinking that we'll probably want to do away with the
> 123456-done@bugs.debian.org method of closing bugs sometime, to ensure
> that we can start tracking which version of a package closed a bug (so
> the close command would then become "close 123456 3.14-5.2"). Obviously
> the archive scripts and other things would need to be changed to cope,
> too. Do people think this would suck, too much? If not, it also lets us
> avoid the problem of address harvesters accidently figuring out how to
> close bugs.

Yeah, I think it would suck.  The -done address is perfect for precisely
the bugs that are _not_ fixed by a particular version: "Not a bug", "fixed
in foo2, will never be fixed in foo1", etc.  Currently these are often
closed with one-liners (if even that) in a random version's changelog,
which I think is not optimal.  I wouldn't want to encourage that attitude
even more.  By mailing to the -done address, you can easily include a
paragraph of explanation, it doesn't get lots of irrelevant text from
the installer and the rest of the changelog entry, and it doesn't have
to wait for a random package to get installed.

Adding an optional version command to "close" would rock, though.
Perhaps accept a "Version:" pseudo-header in the -done mail?

> And then, of course, we can start making (certain) requests to
> control@b.d.o require PGP signatures... ;)

Either that or we could require some marking that a spammer is not
likely to use, such as putting the bug number in the Subject line,
or an "I am a real person" header.

Richard Braakman

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