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Re: Need witnesses

Joerg Wendland wrote:
Bruce Perens, on 2002-09-16, 19:15, you wrote:

http://www.softwarechoice.org/download_files/Maccrisken.Letter.doc .

Here you are:

joerg@joergland:~/tmp$ md5sum Maccrisken.Letter.doc cc13acf991915d89c89438a9e4c1709a Maccrisken.Letter.doc
joerg@joergland:~/tmp$ strings Maccrisken.Letter.doc | tail -12
To the Editor:
Peter Passell
Michael Wendy
Microsoft Word 9.0
Milken Institute
To the Editor:
Microsoft Word Document

This is the first case where the bad habit of adding hidden informations
to the files for controlling the source of a document, retorts against the
control freaks themselves :)

Davide Inglima, limaCAT

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