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Re: Soname in mozilla-browser package name

> Since the mozilla-browser package provides several shared libraries that
> are used by galeon and skipstone, shouldn't it be treated as a library
> package and include the soname in the package name?  This would help
> prevent breakage to galeon and skipstone when mozilla-browser breaks
> binary/source compatibility, which seems to happen when a new version is
> released.

The soname won't help here, when upstream doesn't keep compatibility
between version (even where it said it would not change the API)

Mozilla changed the Print Preview API from mozilla 1.0.0 to mozilla
1.0.1, breaking print preview in galeon, AFAIK.

So you probably can't expect them to use proper SONAMEs, either...

The dependency management IMHO does a good job at keeping compatibility:
galeon used to depend on mozilla >= 1.0.0 and <= 1.0.1
the new one is now depending on mozilla >= 1.1 and <= 1.2
(because they have already released 1.2alpha i guess there will be no
1.1.1 release that could break stuff again...)


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