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Re: larger/quicker install disks (net-install floppies)

Umm, isn't this what the base2_2.tgz and drviers.tgz are for? If you go into
the compact directory you find a kernel image and an install.bat that uses
the 1.44MB root.bin.

That's how you usually install off a CD anyway, no?

On Fri, Sep 13, 2002 at 01:48:06PM -0500, Hunter Peress wrote:
> I think that another set of install disks should be created for larger
> media in mind. 
> Eg, the "floppies" section /dists/stable/main/disks-XXXX/...
> Only has support for the following media:
> [DIR] images-1.20/            16-May-2002 00:29      -  
> [DIR] images-1.44/            21-May-2002 14:57      -  
> [DIR] images-2.88/            21-May-2002 14:57      -  
> Can someone also include the whole "floppies" package into 1 image:
> (so boot,rescue, and drivers).
> This way I can use a cd/zipdisk. or, what i really want to be using:
> those usb storage devices. even the smallest ones (8mb) would fit that
> all on it (and yes, most motherboards for years have bootable off USB).
> I think that this should take minimal effort.
> -Hunter
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