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Re: C++: not defining thrown exceptions produces error, but only on hppa platform

> so you have compiled this with g++ 3.(1|2) locally and all was well?

On my local machine (BTW, it's an i386, I forgotten to say this), it
was compiled with g++ 2.95.4:

danlutz@asterix:~$ g++ --version
danlutz@asterix:~$ dpkg -l g++ | grep g++
ii  g++            2.95.4-17      The GNU C++ compiler.

This seems to be the default version on this platform (and probably
all others except hppa). In the mean time I got an error report
concerning hppa, saying (amongst other things) that g++ is required
on this platform. So I assume 2.95 just ignores this error while
3.0 does complain about it.

I've tried to build synergy on my local machine (i386) with
g++ 3.0 instead of 2.95.4 and the error really showed up.

So I will contact the upstream author and tell him to fix it.


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