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A program which deserves being packaged: SAP DB


this is an attempt to raise some interest in the packaging of sapdb
<http://sapdb.org/>, a full-featured, GPLd database system. It is the
most feature-complete open-source DBMS I know.

Unfortunately, it's a huge beast with a strange build system and will
take some effort to package. Also, it will very probably not compile
on all of our arches, but some efforts to port it to more non-ia32
arches are underway.

An ITP (recently retitled to RFP) has been open for ages, #88988. At
first, the problem with sapdb was that the build tools were only
available in binary form - as of a few weeks ago, they're also

Just like ITPer Bernd Eckenfels, I don't have the time to package it. 
What a pity - it really deserves it!



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