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MICO 2.3.7 and MICO 2.3.7cvs20020911 debian packages


I have reworked my mico debian packages a bit
I provide mico 2.3.7 and mico 2.3.7cvs20020911
you can have both versions installed at the same time on your computer
but only one development environment can work at a time
in order to switch from one to another do

update-alternatives --config mico

and choose the new alternative you want. It will affect
all binaries(idl, mico-*, ird, nsd ...), change the include dir /usr/include/mico so that 
is reflects the  MICO version and create some libraries links for development 
limico.a limico.so and so on so that you just have to add -lmico, -lmicocoss or -lmicoccm
at the link stage.
if you want to see what changing the alternative affects, just type

update-alternatives --display mico

Note that CORBA/CCM is provided in all versions.
Note that all packages are compiled with g++-3.2.
I am working on providing a package for mico-gup(Grand Unification Process).

just add those two lines to /etc/apt/sources.list

deb http://people.debian.org/~prudhomm/debian/ ./
deb-src http://people.debian.org/~prudhomm/debian/ ./

checkout http://people.debian.org/~prudhomm for more news in the future

Best regards
 Christophe Prud'homme - Research Scientist
 MIT - Web: http://augustine.mit.edu/~prudhomm
 Tel: 617 - 452 3285

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