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Re: special mail delivery group

* Ian Zimmerman 

| Russell> What I would like is a separate group for "address: |command"
| Russell> in /etc/aliases type delivery which is not the same as a
| Russell> group used by the mail server internally and is not the same
| Russell> as the group used for mail storage.
| Modern mail daemons let you explicitly configure this (ie. the daemon
| itself does a setgid() before executing the pipe), rather than rely on
| setgid-ness of the delivery programs.  Certainly exim works like that,
| and it is the sensible way.

Uhm, why is this the sensible way?  Using sgid is perfectly sane.  It
works with all MDAs, for one.

| The delivery programs that hardcode a group name, or even _the fact
| that they change group id_, are broken.


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