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Horde Chora/Mnemo/Nag/Sork packages

Made some packages for modules built against the current Horde 2.0 version in
unstable, up for grabs at http://am.xs4all.nl/horde/. Chora currently guest-mode

Chora: CVS browser
Mnemo: Memo module
Nag:   Task module
Sork:  Misc. user-functions (account, password, vacation, forward)

Any pointers/bugs/fixes greatly appreciated!

(yups, they are a few weeks old, but someone might be interested. Hoping to get
some bugs out and maybe some sponsoring when/if they are wanted and i have the
time :-)

Alex de Landgraaf

GPG: 1024B/94C5FD4B Wouter Alexander de Landgraaf 
(Alextreme :: am.xs4all.nl) <alextreme@xs4all.nl>
ICQ: 31162909
IRC: #debian/OPN, irc.xchat.org

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