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Re: wanting to package wpoison

also sprach Ronald F. Guilmette <rfg@monkeys.com> [2002.09.09.2241 +0200]:
> I am somewhat reluctant to allow that, because people installing this
> thing really should read the various informational pages on the Wpoison
> web site (whose URL you gave above) in order to understand it fully and
> properly.  (It always seem like a lot of people get confused and they
> incorrectly think that (a) proper use of Wpoison will cause the legiti-
> mate search engines to avoid any web site that uses Wpoison.. which is
> just plain false, and/or that (b) Wpoison will cause some innocent
> people to be spammed... which is EXTREMELY unlikely.)

It is possible to make users first read the docs by simply disabling
the software and only telling in the docs how to enable it.

> I will however allow Wpoison to be distributed with Debian, but only
> on the condition that a copy of the Wpoison logo is incorporated into
> the home page at www.debian.org, and that this is made into a
> clickable link that, when clicked, will take people to the Wpoison
> home page, URL given above.

I doubt this will happen right on the main page. The logo would be
distributed with the package. In fact, I am planning on making it
a 'widget' type thing that you simply include in webpages for full

> >This is the license that comes with it, could you tell me if it's
> >DFSG-compliant? I think so...
> If I knew what DFSG was, I could maybe answer that.
> (Sorry.  I guess I'm ignorant.)

the Debian Free Software Guidelines:

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