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Request for help building PCMCIA modules

I finally have to admit my aging hardware really can't handle building
the set of 10 pcmcia-modules packages that must be rebuilt every time
their source code changes and every time the kernel-image packages
change.  Therefore, I'm asking for help from somebody with a faster
system with a larger hard drive.

I'm willing to continue maintaining the package, and I can easily
build the pcmcia-cs package itself.  The process for building the
pcmcia-modules packages can be sufficiently automated to the point where
it is almost trivial to perform.  Currently, I run the entire process
from a makefile.

The assistance that I'm requesting is for someone who to donate some
cpu time and quite a bit of disk space to this task.  He would need to
install and track the latest versions of the kernel-source packages, the
kernel-patch packages, and perhaps the pcmcia-source package.  The rest
can be handled automatically.

Can somebody please help?  If interested, let me know and we can work
out the details.


- Brian

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