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Re: sablevm_1.0.1-4_i386.changes REJECTED

W liście z czw, 05-09-2002, godz. 18:59, Branden Robinson pisze: 
> On Thu, Sep 05, 2002 at 10:48:19AM -0500, Adam Heath wrote:
> > Do not single out ftpmaster.  That's your problem.  Is it that hard to grasp?
> Quite beside the point.  Was the package rejected for any reason other
> than the fact that it had a changelog entry that addressed the archive
> admins?
No, the rejection was for the first upload, when there were some bugs.

Lemme say how it was after that
0. Initial upload was rejected.
1. I explained everything to ftpmaster, put also the explainations into
changelog file (above the piece that was cited were 10+ lines of
technical explainations).
2. Then I uploaded fixed package and waited.
3. I quite quickly received reply to the changelog that I am bad guy
etc. (you saw it) because I asked not to deny including the package
into the archive, but filing bug instead or just mailing me.
4. I waited for about 2 weeks beliving that the package will be
normally included, as it contains no bugs now (to my knoledge).
5. Now from my POV it's worse then if it were 'rejected' because
it seems to be getting same route as my firebird packages [1]
6. I looked at last mail again and got suspicious that maybe it's
a penalty because of my changelog entry? I replied to this (2 weeks
old) mail Cc:ing d-d.

But true is that this is all digging around the goal.

>>>> I just want my package to be put into the archive. <<<<

Understanding that ftpmasters are critical resource it's really
strange they give themselves more work by going that routue.
And worse - the final result is that the package is not included
into the archive for weeks too long time.


<PLEASE read this carefully>
Having that in mind and predicting that it can take time for ftpmasters
to take look at this 'problematic' package again - I _kindly_ asked
them in the changelog to _not_ deny the package again and offered
myself to quickly fix any remaining bugs they could find .
</PLEASE read this carefully>

Best wishes to all (ftpmasters including :-)

					Grzegorz B. Prokopski

PS: I really don't uderstand how can anyone be 'counter-productive'
by putting 5 lines in changelog? And how can that affect the time
I am waiting for inclusion of the package? no idea.

[1] I am sorry to bring it back again and again, but this was my
worst expirience w/ ftpmasters. I uploaded a package that I spent
4 busy weeks working on, I waited (long) I sent an email to ftpmaster
asking what's going on, I waited, I asked again, I waited.... It took
months and in the meantime woody got frozen - my package was let into
the archive not too long after that.

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