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Re: debian effected by ban on electronic games?

Matthew Palmer <mjp16@ieee.uow.edu.au> writes:

> On 4 Sep 2002, Thomas Bushnell, BSG wrote:
> > I think it's almost certain that "game" in this context means a
> > *gambling* type of game.
> It did seem that was who they were trying to stop, but I've not seen any
> guarantees that that is all the law covers.

It is quite common in law (and common parlance too) for "gaming" and
"game" to mean specificall a game of chance played for money.  We are
lacking all the relevant context here, and there is no reason to get
uptight yet.

If this is really something that makes playing electronic chess
illegal, then I'm sure we will find out by some mechanism other than
the rumor mill.

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