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Re: debian effected by ban on electronic games?

On 4 Sep 2002, Hereward Cooper wrote:

> I was wondering.
> In the light of the Greek goverment banning[1] ALL forms of electronic
> gaming, even playing electronic chess is now illegal, how will this
> effect the distribution of debian in Greece? Will there have to be a
> non-greece section =)

Playing is not distributing.  From all the news reports I've seen, playing
is verboten, but I've not seen anything about 'trafficking' in games.  But
yes, a non-greece section might have to be created - or else just not
distribute the games section there.

The question also has to asked, well, what's an electronic game?  I enjoy
programming on my own time, and maintaining debian packages is a bit of a
game to me - so will Debian packaging now become illegal in Greece?  The law
is, quite honestly, ridiculous.  As I saw another poster say, (paraphrased)
"I'm amazed there is another Western government which can make the US
government look like it has a clue".

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Matthew Palmer, Geek In Residence

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