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Re: debian effected by ban on electronic games?

On Wed, Sep 04, 2002 at 08:09:25PM +0100, Hereward Cooper wrote:
> I was wondering.
> In the light of the Greek goverment banning[1] ALL forms of electronic
> gaming, even playing electronic chess is now illegal, how will this
> effect the distribution of debian in Greece? Will there have to be a
> non-greece section =)

Aside from the gameland site and other sites quoting it, I can find no
mainstream news sites carrying this item.  It seems therefore that this is a
matter that for now concerns only the gaming community in Greece.

The law itself (or at least the English translation of the law, which
carries a disclaimer about its accuracy) seems to be focused on controlling
businesses which allow gaming on the premises.  One could easily read the
"private places" as an attempt on the part of the lawmakers to control
computer gambling establishments run underground as well.

I don't think this law concerns average Greek computer users, as one Greek
poster on this site says:

   #444 [gr.gif]  HaLLuNiCaTioN
   2002-08-30 23:59:15
   If anyone can read the law as it was published from the goverment (
   maybe the translator in #435 will help you ), will notice that any
   type of game which requires electronic support and/or software is
   banned everywhere in the country.However, it is only illegal to play
   or having the game installed, distribution or possesion of game
   software is not prohibited.This means that a change in the law will be
   passed soon and that they are probably trying to find a way to get
   more cash from the internet cafe industry.
   So far there seems to be no reason for a mass protest , since i don't
   think they will apply the law and arrest pc users who have installed
   games,or anyone using windows and has not deleted the accompanied
   games , even if the voted law says that it must be so.Also , most
   people don't know anything about this,the media have been saying only
   about 17N the last 2 months and nothing else...


If this poster's interpretation of the law is correct, even Greek
mirrors of Debian are not illegal at this point.  Any home computer in
Greece concerned about the law's impact on themselves personally can
exercise their choice in what components of Debian they install.

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