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Re: Dumb little utilities

And if you use zsh, you don't need to bother with mmv or rename, since
there's zmv.

> > Anyway, it's similar to the 'rename' command that someone else mentioned.
> > It renames multiple files like converting all the files in a directory
> > from upper to lower case
>   mmv \* \#l1

zmv '(*)' '${(L)1}' 

> > or changing the extension of the *.c files to *.x.
>   mmv \*.c \#1.x

zmv '(*).c' '$1.x'


zmv -W '*.c' '*.x'


alias ren='noglob zmv -W'
ren *.c *.x

I find the last preferable to the more cumbersome syntaxes of rename and

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