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Where are tasks now and how are they handled? (Woody sucks because there is no Task: Spanish)

(I have skimmed this year's debian-devel-announce as well as the developer's
policy and haven't found this explained)

One simple question: how are tasks managed? what policy is there for
creation/addition of packages to it?

Aj[1] seems to say that this is managed by override files. But I wonder if whomever
did this checked if the changes were made properly. Why do I know?

1.- Because 'tasksel' does not show up any "Task: Spanish" when in fact there was
one in potato.

2.- Because this seems to be a consequence of *no* packages having "Task: spanish"

Should I have done something (as maintainer of the task-spanish package), how can
we fix this? could it be fixed for woody r1 ??



[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2001/debian-boot-200105/msg00075.html

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