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Re: Terraform up for adoption


On Sun, 1 Sep 2002 23:04:08 +1000
Ben Burton <benb@acm.org> wrote:

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> So I have less and less to do with GNOME anything and I suspect the
> terraform package would really be better off with someone else. 
> Anyone wants to adopt it, be my guest.  There's a new upstream
> version, and hopefully the povray patches can be removed since povray
> 3.1 has finally been uploaded.
> If anyone does adopt it please drop me an email to let me know.  The
> wnpp bug is #156372.

I will like to adopt it, i'm still in the process of being a dd.

if no ones has any complain, i will close the bug and try to package 
the new upstream version as soon as posible.



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