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Re: Debian based CD based distros

#include <hallo.h>
* Dale Scheetz [Sat, Aug 31 2002, 01:42:36PM]:

> The main reason I mention these two excellent Debian "spin-offs" is that
> they both do a remoarkable "on-the-fly" hardware configuration for X and
> everything is wonderfully integrated and "ready-to-use" to a much greater

All this on-the-fly hardware detection became only possible because of
the excellent work done by Klaus Knopper and LinuxTag team. They are
working extensively with the users and do required work to make hardware
setup really working. Unfortunately, most of those autosetup is DWIW
software. It does work with dirty tricks, but those tricks are the only
way to make dirty broken hardware work.

I suggested to use the files generated by Knoppix' tools as the default
X config since it provides the most reliable auto-configuration I have
ever seen, though Branden insisted on using his/Progeny's libdetect

Dreaming a bit more, I would prefer having a small Knoppix as the
installation system instead of D-I or PGI.

Linux braucht kein Mensch, aber Mensch braucht Linux!

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