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Re: Packages.bz2, Sources.bz2, Contents-*.bz2, oh my

On Sat, 31 Aug 2002, it was written:

> Hello world,
> In a couple of days uncompressed Packages files for unstable will cease
> to be generated, and bzip2'ed Packages files will be generated in their
> place (actually, if you look carefully, they're already being generated).
> Sources.bz2 files are being added too. If you have any scripts looking
> at the uncompressed Packages files, you should change them to look at
> either the gzip or bzip2 versions now.
> Presuming things continue to work in unstable, the same change will be
> made to testing in a few weeks. Similarly, the Contents-*.gz files for
> unstable will probably be switching to .bz2 in the not too distant future.
> (Yes, this is as previously discussed in March 2001...)

This will break apt, as it doesn't look for compressed versions when using
file uris.

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